Congratulations to the newly elected officers and members of the BEA Executive Board! These new board members will begin terms in July 2021, and all terms are 2 years.

The BEA membership has elected to the Executive Board:

Gretchen Mollers, BEA secretary
Adam Oyster-Sands, BEA treasurer
Terry Cherney, at-large member
Julia Bartos, at-large member
Aarti Kamalahasan, at-large member
Sarah Kennedy, substitute member

Please join us in expressing gratitude for the leadership and commitment of our out-going board members: Erin Getting, Kara Ferris, Suzanne Albrich, Teryn LaRue, Jessica Neal, and Betsy Thornewood.  We are stronger due to the years of service you have dedicated to leading our union. Thank you!