Bargaining Information

One of the major roles of the association is to bargain and enforce contract language for members.  Your BEA Bargaining Team is at the table now bargaining for the schools our students and educators deserve. You can see our bargaining sessions here. We know the audio in our space has been challenging, and we’re working to make it better for our next session.

We’ll be posting our proposals, the District’s proposals, and updates here, so check back often!

Bargaining Updates

February 15, 2024

Good evening colleagues, 

Today was our first bargaining session with the District. We are at the table working for better working conditions for educators and better learning conditions for students. We passed aggressive and exciting proposals today to secure the schools our students and educators deserve, and we are excited that we were able to cover so much ground in our first session with management.

BSD provided “terms of engagement” that they have chosen to follow. Your BEA team declined to agree to those terms as we believe in an open and transparent process and don’t want to remove any of the tools we have to secure the best contract for members. We did agree to start the bargaining timeline, outlined below, today.

Your BEA team proposed the following articles in our opening today:

The BSD team proposed the following articles (we will provide links to these on our website as soon as we receive them in electronic form from the management team):

  • Article 1 – Status of Agreement
  • Article 2 – Association Rights and Responsibilities
  • Article 4 – Grievance Procedures
  • Article 6 – Complaints Concerning Employee Performance
  • Article 13 – Layoff and Recall
  • Article 15 – Paid Time Off

The BEA team was also able to offer a counterproposal to Article 2 (calendar committee!) this evening.

Our next bargaining session is March 7th, 4-8 pm at the District Office. Your CAT team members will be able to attend in person, and anyone can watch us on YouTube here. We are stronger together!

In solidarity, 

Your BEA Bargaining Team,
Suzanne Albrich, Chair, Cooper Mountain ES
Juila Barto, Fir Grove ES
Amy Borlaug, Five Oaks MS
Lora Dee, Sexton Mountain ES
Alysoun Lowe, ISB
Katie Lukins, BEA Vice President
Elizabeth Lynch, Scholls Heights ES
Adam Oyster-Sands, Westview HS
Lindsay Ray, BEA President
Janine Weir, Merlo Station Campus

Emily McCann, OEA Staff
Sara Whelan, OEA Staff

Bargaining Proposals

February 15, 2024

Your BEA team proposed the following articles in our opening today:

The BSD team proposed the following articles (we will provide links to these here as soon as we receive them in electronic form from the management team):

BEA and BSD Bargaining Teams

Your BEA bargaining team members are:

  • Suzanne Albrich, Chair, 4th grade teacher at Cooper Mountain Elementary, Chair
  • Julia Barto, 1st grade teacher at Fir Grove Elementary
  • Amy Borlaug, science teacher at Five Oaks Middle School
  • Lora Dee, Structured Routines Center (SRC) teacher at Sexton Mountain Elementary
  • Alysoun Lowe, language arts teacher at International School of Beaverton
  • Katie Lukins, elementary teacher, BEA Vice President
  • Elizabeth Lynch, music teacher at Scholls Heights Elementary
  • Adam Oyster-Sands, language arts teacher, Westview High School
  • Lindsay Ray, high school math teacher, BEA President
  • Janine Weir, Project Reset teacher at Merlo Station

BEA is also working with the following OEA staff:

  • Emily McCann, OEA Uniserv Consultant for BEA
  • Sara Whelan, OEA Uniserv Consultant for BEA
  • Robert Young, Statewide Bargaining Coordinator

The BSD bargaining team members are:

  • Janine Mobley, Chair, Executive Administrator for Human Resources
  • Brian Hungerford, Hungerford Law Firm Partner
  • Matthew Casteel, Aloha High School Principal
  • Johanna Castillo, Meadow Park Middle School Principal
  • Michelle Fowles, Human Resources Supervisor
  • Veronica Galvan, Administrator for Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
  • Laurie Huntwork, Jacob Wismer Elementary Principal
  • Erica Marson, Executive Administrator for Human Resources
  • Susan Rodriguez, Chief Resource Officer
  • Mike Schofield, Associate Superintendent of Business Services
  • Curtis Semana, Executive Administrator for Human Resources
  • Shirley Valladares, Assistant Administrator for Special Education
  • Karen Pérez, BSD School Board Chair
Contract Action Team (CAT) Members


Emily Thackray
Miranda Zigler


Aloha HS

Vince Kirnak


Aloha Huber Park K-8

Priscilla Paik
Ali Blais
Gustavo Cervantes Vargas
Stefania Ramirez Velasquez
Andrea Cruz Solis
Magdalena Munoz Rivera


Teresa Chircop



Emily Steinhauer
Brenden Kehoe
Grant Fruhwirth
Sean Rains

Beaver Acres

Courtney Walker


Beaverton HS

Anna Killion
Greg Karakashian
Hailey DeMarre
Katie Gillard
Jeff Buckingham
Mike Hereford


Erin Gettling
Mary Ellen McGinty


Bonny Slope

David Green


Capital Center

Melody von Weller
Kyla Zaworski
Steven Baer
Erin Rosett


Cedar Mill

Jessica Becker
Sara Joehnk
Mike Hellis

Cedar Park MS

Trisha Parks
Krysta Johnson



Jo Nelson


Conestoga MS

Ashley Wilson
Rae Ann Strauser
Liz Baer
Tara Walker

Cooper Mountain

Stacey Dalton


District TOSAs

Gretchen Mollers



Alison Breshears
Megan Stauffer


Errol Hassell

Amie Davenport
Jon Samuelson
Ann Nordstrom



Jen Falkowski
Su Hargrave


Fir Grove

Moe Caryl
Stacy Serrao


Five Oaks MS

Katrina Flasch
Brooke Zimmerle
Korin Galgano



Meaghan Petty


Highland Park MS

Dahviya Eriksson



Heidi West


Jacob Wismer

Yvette Wallace
Dan Silver



Jordan Crownover
Cassi Moore



Bismah Sabri
Lynn Fowler


Meadow Park

Kala Ott
Renae Stratton
Jennifer Hoffman


Merlo Station

John Stapleton
Alison Macklem


Nancy Ryles

Victoria Fennell



Joni Busche


Oak Hills

Wendy Evans


Raleigh Hills

Amy Brennen
Colleen Kellogg


Raleigh Park

Trish Pazdalski
Tricia Howery



Mocalina Shearer


Rock Creek

Jessica Neal
Ashley Hamby



Tamara Glem
Anna Bradley
Drew Dahlen
Janae Hiersche

Scholls Heights

Cat Crenshaw
Cheryl Brous
Laurie Umiger



April Messinetti



Jenna Lempesis


Stoller MS

Jonathon Martin
Carly Stevenson
Kristin McCartney


Sunset HS

Tamsen Profit


West T-V

Darleen Anderson

Westview HS

Jessica Perry
Tim Shaw
Lauren Goemaat
Danielle Mulvihill
Jessica Loomis
Corinna Tricarico
Lowell Wes Adams
Mary Gray
Cohen Perry
Kyle Kinzler

Whitford MS

Matt Brown
Carolee Dearborn
Kristine Napper


William Walker

Kathleen Parker
Rich Feely