Bargaining Updates

One of the major roles of the association is to bargain and enforce contract language for members.  Right now, we are in the midst of several bargains.  Look below to learn about the bargaining process and find out how you can get involved.

Financial Reopener 2020-21

After putting this bargain on pause in the spring of 2020, we are in the midst of bargaining sessions for financials (salary and benefits) right now.  We’ve put together this quick two-pager for information on where we’ve been with this bargain (and past bargains) and where we are now.

The BEA Bargaining Team for the Financial Reopener includes:

  • Suzanne Albrich (Cooper Mountain ES)
  • Wendy Evans (Oak Hills ES)
  • Erin Gettling (Bethany ES)
  • Vince Kirnak (Aloha HS)
  • Brooke Warren (ACMA)
  • Sara Schmitt (BEA President)
  • Lindsay Ray (BEA Vice President)
  • Lesly Muñoz (OEA Consultant)

Check the calendar for bargaining dates, and check your email for updates.

Full Contract Bargain - Spring 2021
Our contract expires in June of 2021, so we’ll be starting bargaining in early spring next year.

Are you curious about how bargaining works or how you can get involved?  Check out this great video by BEA President Sara Schmitt and BEA Vice President Lindsay Ray explaining the process and describing opportunities for members to be a part of the bargaining process.

Here’s a shorter version of that video with the highlights (our two and a half minute TLDR version):

There are SO many ways that our members can be involved in the bargaining process.  If you’re interested in being on one one of our bargaining committees (the Negotiations Advisory Committee, the Organizing Committee, the Contract Action Team, or the Bargaining Team), please let us know here.

Bargaining related to COVID-19 and Return to School
When it became apparent that our members would not be returning to school in any “normal” fashion this fall, BEA issued a demand to bargain.  As an association, we are entitled to bargain any changes to our members’ working conditions.

We met with the district team from August to October and finally agreed on an MOU that would dictate working conditions during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).  We have issued another demand to bargain over the implementation of Limited In Person Instruction (LIPI) and will be bargaining a potential return to hybrid instruction to ensure that our students and members have the safest and most manageable return to school possible.