Bargaining Updates

One of the major roles of the association is to bargain and enforce contract language for members.  Right now, we are in the midst of the full contract bargain. Look below for updates!

Full Contract Bargain - Spring 2021

BEA Initial Proposals

BSD Initial Proposals

Update – June 11, 2021

Dear Fellow BEA Members:

Last evening, your bargaining team met with the District for our third full contract bargaining session. As a reminder, we are negotiating the language of our full contract in this bargain. This is our opportunity to make lasting and meaningful change for students, families and educators who attend and work in the Beaverton School District.

At the onset of this bargaining process, both BEA and the District shared proposals that represented a significant number of each team’s priorities for this contract negotiation. The proposals that BEA has put forward thus far don’t include compensation (like salary, benefits, extended responsibilities and stipends).  We are currently analyzing the BSD budget and will put forward a proposal that focuses on better aligning educator compensation with our actual responsibilities and workload.

As we continue to bargain with the district, we are committed to honoring the importance, experience, and impact of every educator. While we know our final contract will not be perfect, we will not leave anyone behind in our commitment to reaching the best settlement possible.

At last night’s bargaining session, the following proposals were discussed:

  • Association Rights and Responsibilities – how we are able to access information and represent members
  • Grievance Procedure – timelines and processes for addressing contract violations
  • Adverse Criticism – whether members should be notified when a building administrator places information in their working file
  • Safe Learning Environment – whether educators have the right to make decisions about the safety of students
  • PTO days – A “buy-back” of remaining PTO when members notify BSD of their intent to retire by a certain date

We know that after such a challenging year, and immediately following the bargaining campaigns for CDL guidelines, Hybrid Instruction guidelines, and our financial re-opener that another bargaining campaign can seem daunting. However, we cannot overstate the importance of this full contract bargain. Every two to three years BEA educators have the opportunity to sit across from District administrators and use our collective voice to advocate for a public school system where students are better able to learn, and where educators are free to do what we do best – educate our students. 

Crafting and securing a contract that accomplishes these goals will require all of us working together to hold the District accountable – and we know that as we wrap up this school year, that task might seem a little overwhelming. That’s why BEA and BSD are discussing pausing our contract negotiations for a period of time over the summer – to ensure that our members have a chance to relax and recharge so we can fight for the strongest contract possible. We hope that you’ll use this time for some much-needed rest, because when we return to the bargaining table we need to come back in force.

If you have additional questions about the full contract bargain, or want to learn more about BEA’s contract proposals – please visit our Bargaining page and our FAQ page.

In solidarity, 

Your BEA Bargaining Team
Suzanne Albrich, Cooper Mountain teacher, Bargaining Chair
Aarti Kamalahasan, Sato teacher
Alysoun Lowe, International School of Beaverton teacher
Erin Gettling, Bethany teacher
Heather Bartos, Cedar Park teacher
Lindsay Ray, BEA Vice President
Sara Schmitt, BEA President
Vince Kirnak, Aloha HS teacher
Lesly Muñoz, OEA Consultant
Box Bond, OEA Consultant 

Update – May 27, 2021

Your BEA Bargaining Team has held two sessions of negotiations with the BSD Bargaining Team to begin negotiating our new contract.  Both teams shared their guiding principles, as well as their initial proposals and rationale.

The BEA team highlighted the following guiding principles and interests, which were informed by input from members, research by the Negotiations Advisory Committee, and member survey data:

  • Restorative practices
  • Recruitment and retention of BIPOC educators
  • Responsive Student Services that meet the individual needs of students
  • Protected member-directed time
  • Compensation to recruit and retain the best educators
  • Student-centered decisions about instruction

We talked about the importance of each of these interests in our opening statement, which you can find here.  We invite you to read through BEA’s opening statement, as it reflects the collective voices of our association. 

The BSD team brought a short list of contract updates related to state statutes and some clarification of wording. By their own description, these are more updates rather than substantive changes that would really change much for educators.  This makes sense as the current contract has language that favors the district and parts of our contract leave us with little power to address important issues.

However, the BEA team believes that there are a significant number of things to improve in our contract and a lot of big issues to tackle.  We have opened multiple articles and have proposed substantive changes that would impact things like plan time, caseload/class size and respect for the professionalism of educators.  The changes we are bringing to the table are necessary for improving the teaching and learning environment for students and educators, and are things that we know are important to you, through the information you’ve shared with our team. 

With all of the improvements we are pushing for, we know we have a long road ahead of us, and your BEA Bargaining Team needs the power of our membership behind us so that we can demand language that will help our students and educators to thrive.  Please check in with your Contract Action Team (CAT) member to stay informed on the happenings at the bargaining table and ways for you to support the team.  Our next bargaining session with the BSD team will be on June 10th.  Until then… remember to wear Red for Ed on Thursdays to show solidarity!

In unity, 

Your BEA Bargaining Team
Suzanne Albrich, Cooper Mountain teacher, Bargaining Chair
Aarti Kamalahasan, Sato teacher
Alysoun Lowe, International School of Beaverton teacher
Erin Gettling, Bethany teacher
Heather Bartos, Cedar Park teacher
Lindsay Ray, BEA Vice President
Sara Schmitt, BEA President
Vince Kirnak, Aloha HS teacher
Lesly Muñoz, OEA Consultant
Box Bond, OEA Consultant 


Our contract expires in June of 2021, so we’ll be starting bargaining in early spring of 2021.

Are you curious about how bargaining works or how you can get involved?  Check out this great video by BEA President Sara Schmitt and BEA Vice President Lindsay Ray explaining the process and describing opportunities for members to be a part of the bargaining process.

Here’s a shorter version of that video with the highlights (our two and a half minute TLDR version):

There are SO many ways that our members can be involved in the bargaining process.  If you’re interested in being on one one of our bargaining committees (the Negotiations Advisory Committee, the Organizing Committee, the Contract Action Team, or the Bargaining Team), please let us know here.

Return to In-Person Instruction 2021
Limited In Person Instruction (LIPI)/Hybrid Instruction

Update – Februrary 25, 2021


Update – February 17, 2021

Things are changing all the time, and we’re trying to stay on top of them.  Thank you so much for completing the survey–it always helps to have our members’ thoughts to back us up.  We’re bargaining Thursday and Friday (February 18th and 19th) and will have an update soon!

Update – February 2, 2021

We met with the district team last Thursday and received their counterproposal.  We’ve outlined a few key differences in our proposals here.  We’re meeting with them again on Thrusday, February 4th, and are working right now on our counter.  We’ll have more information after our Thursday meeting, and we’ll get a video update on here very soon!

Update – January 21, 2021

We were scheduled to meet with the district today, but the district team has asked to use that time to work on their response to this.  While we were hopeful to meet today, we’re hopeful that this means they are working toward a productive response to our lengthy list of proposals.

Our next meeting is Friday, January 29, 2 – 5 pm.  We’ll update you soon after that!

Update – January 15, 2021

Here is the full list of proposals we presented to the BSD team on January 14, 2021.

Here are the complete survey results from our membership survey that closed on January 8, 2021.

Update – December 19, 2021

We issued a demand to bargain over working conditions for LIPI and hybrid instruction on November 3, 2020.  We have met with the district team a few times to hear their draft plans for returning to school.  We are currently working on our proposals and will be focusing on the health and safety of our members, especially in light of Governor Brown’s December 23rd announcement allowing districts to treat the metrics guiding in-person instruction as advisory rather than mandatory.  Our next meeting with the district team is on Thursday, January 14th.  Check back here for updates!

Comprehensive Distance Learning

When it became apparent that our members would not be returning to school in any “normal” fashion this fall, BEA issued a demand to bargain.  As an association, we are entitled to bargain any changes to our members’ working conditions.

We met with the district team from August to October and finally agreed on an MOU that would dictate working conditions during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).

Financial Reopener 2020-21
After putting this bargain on pause in the spring of 2020, we are in the midst of bargaining sessions for financials (salary and benefits) right now.  We’ve put together this quick two-pager for information on where we’ve been with this bargain (and past bargains) and where we are now.

The BEA Bargaining Team for the Financial Reopener includes:

  • Suzanne Albrich (Cooper Mountain ES)
  • Wendy Evans (Oak Hills ES)
  • Erin Gettling (Bethany ES)
  • Vince Kirnak (Aloha HS)
  • Brooke Warren (ACMA)
  • Sara Schmitt (BEA President)
  • Lindsay Ray (BEA Vice President)
  • Lesly Muñoz (OEA Consultant)

Check the calendar for bargaining dates, and check your email for updates.

Update – January 15, 2021

After months of negotiations, your BEA bargaining team has reached a tentative agreement with BSD for a 2% cost of living adjustment (COLA) retroactive to the start of the contract year. We still have a few steps to go through before this is official, but we’re excited to have reached an agreement.

Synopsis of this Financial Reopener:
This has been a hard-fought negotiation that started during the full-contract bargain in the spring of 2019. As a reminder, at that time BSD was still reeling from a huge miscalculation in the budget that led to a multi-million dollar shortfall. BEA asked to address the compensation piece for the second year of our contract after a year to allow BSD to get its shit together. We started this financial reopener in April of 2020. At that time, we proposed a 2% COLA and reimbursement for members on the Regence Purple plan to keep insurance costs unchanged from the previous year. The BSD team offered 0% for a COLA and nothing for offsetting insurance. In June of 2020, we recognized that the pandemic was causing much uncertainty in the financial picture for the district and the state, and agreed to pick up negotiations in the fall of 2020 when things would be clearer.

When we returned in the fall, despite growing reserves and a better than expected financial outlook, the BSD team remained unchanged in their offer of 0%. Due to the completely different budgetary landscape that had emerged, our team proposed a 3% COLA, and no increase to insurance. The BSD team implied that we were engaging in regressive bargaining and did not make a counterproposal for the next couple of bargaining sessions. Finally, on December 17th, the district team offered a 1.2% COLA. When we reconvened in the new year, there were a flurry of proposals exchanged (we offered 2.6%, they came back with 1.5%, and we countered with 2.25%). After several lengthy conversations, we were able to agree on 2%.

What’s Next?
We think this is the best possible result we could get at this time, especially given the broader context of the pandemic and our limited ability to build community support, and we’re proud to have secured a fair cost of living increase. That said, we know that our members have seen financial losses due to PERS cuts and rising insurance costs, and we are committed to recouping those losses in the future.

Speaking of the future, we are turning around to start our full-contract bargain in a few short weeks, and we know that BSD is still sitting on substantial reserves. We’re hopeful that during that bargain we’ll be able to make gains across our whole collective bargaining agreement, including a fair COLA.


Update – January 6, 2021

We’ve been so busy this week that we haven’t been able to record a video, but we wanted to let you know that we made some movement.  At the end of the last bargaining session, the district team offered a 1.2% COLA.

In this session, we started with a counterproposal of 2.6% and they came back with 1.5% after a long caucus.  We discussed this and went back with 2.25%, citing the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which shows inflation in our area, as well as the cuts made to our PERS accounts in the last legislative session.  The district team went to caucus, and needed more time than what we had alotted.  We’re very happy that the district is moving, and we’re hopeful about next steps.

Our next session is scheduled for Wednesday, January 12th from 8:30-10:00 AM.  We’ll get you an update soon after that!

Update – December 17, 2020:

Update – December 4, 2020:

Update – November 24, 2020. This video debriefs our first session this year for our financial reopener.