The Beaverton Political Action Committee (BPAC) is a local political action committee which encourages members to take part in local politics. BPAC develops proposed legislative positions, communicates with school board members, city and county leaders, and state senators and representatives, and makes and supports recommendations for candidates for elected office and ballot measures. The committee also works to communicate with the membership regarding political news and activities via the Political Reality Newsletter. BPAC is governed by a board which is made up of 10 BEA members.

BPAC uses contributions (separate from association dues) to support candidates who support public education, at the state and local level.  We also seek to increase membership in BPAC, OEA-PAC, and NEA-PAC.

Click here to donate to BPAC or OEA-PAC.  And click here to donate to the NEA Fund.


From the materials with which we teach, to the number of instructional aides at each school, the decisions we make at the polls have a very real impact on our day to day jobs. We can’t afford to be apolitical!