As members learn of staffing assignments for next year, we often field lots of questions about our contractual language and processes that are available to support members.  Here are a few things to know about the transfer process:

  • Applying for vacancies (Article 12-A-1) – The district will post all vacancies between now and August 1, and employees can apply for openings.
  • Understanding the reason for your transfer (12-C-3 and 12-E-2) – Employees have the right to a written explanation, and a conference to hear about the reason for a transfer, or the reason why a request to transfer wasn’t granted.
  • Support for employees placed in positions in which they have little or no experience (Article 12-C-5) – Educators can work with their principal to create a professional development plan to be implemented throughout the first year.
  • Assistance (Article 12-C-5) – For transfers that are made after June 30, employees are given 1 paid day for relocation.  For transfers that are made after August 14, employees are given 2 paid days for relocation. The district will transport books, materials and other personal belongings related to the assignment.

Please contact your Building Rep if you have questions about your assignment, transfers or implementing any of the above contract language.