Anti-union Efforts

As you probably know, there are aggressive anti-union efforts happening around the nation right now. These efforts to weaken unions and worker power from groups like the Freedom Foundation and Opt-Out Today can be misleading and confusing.

The facts:

Anti-union organizations say educators are overpaid and don’t work enough, but they have never set foot in our classrooms and have no idea who we are or how committed we are to the work we do. Their stated goal is to weaken unions, cut funding for education, drain resources from our public schools and privatize education. 

In Beaverton, more than 97% of licensed educators belong to the Beaverton Education Association, as well as our state and national affiliates. In states where more public employees remain members of the union, salaries and benefits are higher for all employees because the union has the power to negotiate from a position of strength. In the long term, your union dues pay off over and over. 

What to watch out for:

• Mailings, emails, visits to your house, phone calls or texts from groups you don’t know telling you to drop your membership or offering insurance options as an alternative to union membership. 

  • Groups using union logos to seem as if they are actually your union, offering unbiased information. Look carefully at any information you receive to ensure you know the sender. 
  • Offers that seem “too good to be true” If it seems like an exaggeration, it probably is. 

What you can do:

    • Do not sign anything or share your information with an outside group without doing your own research first. This could affect your benefits as a union member.
    • Read the fine print of any mailer or website you see: Who is funding the mailer or email? What is their motive for contacting you?
    • Report the activity here:
    • Not sure if the contact you’re receiving is legitimate or who the sender is? Contact us and we can help confirm. Email [email protected]. We’re here to support you, and we have your back.