Each year, BEA members elect delegates to attend both the Oregon Education Association and National Education Association Representative Assemblies. These annual meetings are where representatives of our local association join with educators from around the state for the OEA RA and from around the country for the NEA RA to pass new business to help steer the direction of our organization, approve legislative objectives, changes and additions to bylaws, policies, and resolutions, elect leadership, and hear about the work that our union has been doing for the last year.

The OEA RA will be Friday, April 21st through Saturday, April 22nd in Portland (we generally meet from 5-9 pm on Friday, and will meet all day on Saturday).  The NEA RA will be July 2nd – 6th in Orlando, FL.  If you have any questions about either of these events or what it means to be a delegate, please contact Katie Lukins at [email protected].

If you are interested in running to be a delegate for either OEA RA or NEA RA, please fill out this quick form by February 1st.  We will be holding elections for delegates in the second week of February.