The role of the Building Rep is the most important leadership role in our association. Reps are leaders at their building site who help to problem solve, support and advocate for members, communicate with the BEA Executive Board, and promote a strong and healthy union.

By June, each school shall hold an election to determine their Reps for next year. We recognize that there may be a need to make adjustments in the fall due to building transfers. Holding these elections before the end of the year will allow us to update our contact list of Reps and get a strong start to the year in the fall.

According to the BEA Bylaws, the duties of the Building Representative include:

  1. Communicate BEA information to building members and gather information from building members to report to the Rep Assembly and/or Executive Board (e.g. 10 Minute Meetings).
  2. Update membership rosters and enroll certified employees new to the District (includes BEA membership, as well as B-PAC, OEA-PAC, and NEA-PAC).
  3. Attend training sessions and monthly Rep Assembly meetings.
  4. Advise members of their rights and responsibilities under the Collective Bargaining Agreement and provide support in resolving issues and grievances. Refer members to BEA leadership and UniServ Consultant as needed.
  5. Work with the Building Administrator(s) to implement the Collective Bargaining Agreement (e.g. Climate meetings).
  6. Communicate political and governmental information to members and when requested, report political opinions of building members to the local, state, and national political committees of the Association.
  7. Oversee a building OEA-PAC drive.

Building Reps have opportunities for training each fall at our Rep Academy, and new Building Reps can attend our New Rep Training to learn more about the role. These trainings will be scheduled for the fall, and we will send information to elected Reps once the format and dates for training has been set.