November 2020 Endorsements

Your vote is important, and as public educators, we have a unique perspective on the needs of our communities.  Voting in local, state and federal elections is one way that educators can have a voice in issues that impact our daily work.  Together, we can elect leadership that will advocate for us as educators and as union members, and move Oregon closer to a state that fights for the schools our students deserve.

All of the recommendations below were made by active BEA and OEA members who have come together to interview candidates, debate ballot measures, and agree on what is best for our students and our members.

Local Candidates (recommended by members of BPAC):
Beaverton Mayor – Lacey Beaty
Beaverton City Council, Position 6 – Nadia Hasan
Washington County Commissioner, District 1 – Nafisa Fai
Oregon SD 14 – Kate Leiber
Oregon HD 28 – WLnsvey Campos
Oregon HD 33 – Maxine Dexter

Statewide Ballot Measures (approved by the OEA Board of Directors):
107 (YES) – Authorizes local and state governments to limit political campaign contributions and expenditures, and require disclosure of those contributions and expenditures.
108 (YES) – Increases taxes on tobacco products to help fund state medical and healthcare assistance programs.

State and Federal Candidates (recommended by members of OEA-PAC):
Secretary of State -Shemia Fagan
Attorney General – Ellen Rosenblum
Treasurer – Tobias Read
US Senate – Jeff Merkley
Congressional District 1 – Suzanne Bonamici
Congressional District 3 – Earl Blumenauer
Congressional District 4 – Peter DeFazio
Congressional District 5 – Kurt Schrader
President/Vice President – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

If you live in Multnomah County and are wondering who the pro-public education and pro-union candidates are, fear not! The Portland Association of Teachers Political Action Committee (PAT-PAC) has released their endorsements for voters in Multnomah County:

Oregon State Legislature:
HD 33 – Maxine Dexter
HD 36 – Lisa Reynolds
HD 46 – Khanh Pham
SD 21 – Kathleen Taylor

Local Races/Ballot Measures:
Portland City Council Pos. 4 – Chloe Eudaly
Metro Council District 5 – Mary Nolan
Mult. County Ballot Measure 26-214 (funds “Universal Preschool”) – YES!

A few other notes about voting:

  • If you haven’t turned in your ballot yet, fill it out and get it in the mail before Oct. 28 to make sure it arrives on time, or have a plan to take your ballot to an official dropbox (locations here).
  • Encourage your friends, family and neighbors to use their voice and their vote!
  • Volunteer to help candidates and campaigns for local, state and federal elections. Volunteering is a great way to mobilize voters and make a difference beyond turning in your own ballot. Find events and volunteer opportunities here.