BEA Focus Newsletter – May 2021


June 7, 4:30-6:00 pm                         Rep Assembly Meeting (Virtual meeting)
June 7, 6:00-7:30 pm                         Exec Board Meeting (Virtual meeting)
June 21, 6:00 pm                                BSD School Board Meeting (Virtual Meeting)

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OEA Summer Conference: Reflect and Repower 

The annual Oregon Education Association Summer Conference is being provided remotely this summer, on July 19-23, 2021. This is a free professional learning opportunity for OEA members, and webinar sessions cover a wide variety of topics.

OEA members go above and beyond the call to stand up for our students, our colleagues, and our communities. We continue to innovate at a rapid pace and are taking the lead in reshaping education in our post-pandemic world. Join us this summer to reflect on the lessons we have learned over the past year, and to repower our locals to become expanding, inclusive, and powerful unions.

Each morning will start with two content sessions, with opportunities for networking and office hours in the afternoons. We value your time and encourage you to register for the courses that best meet your learning needs and your personal schedule. Register here before July 14, 2021.

Mike Osborne Memorial Scholarships 

Please join me in congratulating the high school seniors who are this year’s recipients of a Mike Osborne scholarship! The scholarship recipients are listed here, along with the name of their parent/guardian:

Erin Morrison (Sean Morrison at Beaverton Academy of Science and Engineering)
Natalie Ovena  (Kellie Ovena at Aloha High School)
Samantha Miller  (Christopher Miller at Whitford Middle School)
Saja Abu-Hamdeh – (Lubna Abuhamdi at International School of Beaverton)
Ruby Wick – (Amy Jo Wick at Terra Linda Elementary School)

Congratulations to these graduating seniors and the Class of 2021, and best of luck in your future educational endeavors!

Building Representative Elections for the 2020-21 School Year 

The role of the Building Rep is the most important leadership role in our association. Reps are leaders at their building site who help to problem solve, support and advocate for members, communicate with the BEA Executive Board, and promote a strong and healthy union.

By June, each school shall hold an election to determine their Reps for next year. We recognize that there may be a need to make adjustments in the fall due to building transfers. Holding these elections before the end of the year will allow us to update our contact list of Reps and get a strong start to the year in the fall.

According to the BEA Bylaws, the duties of the Building Representative include:

  1. Communicate BEA information to building members and gather information from building members to report to the Rep Assembly and/or Executive Board (e.g. 10 Minute Meetings).
  2. Update membership rosters and enroll certified employees new to the District (includes BEA membership, as well as B-PAC, OEA-PAC, and NEA-PAC).
  3. Attend training sessions and monthly Rep Assembly meetings.
  4. Advise members of their rights and responsibilities under the Collective Bargaining Agreement and provide support in resolving issues and grievances. Refer members to BEA leadership and UniServ Consultant as needed.
  5. Work with the Building Administrator(s) to implement the Collective Bargaining Agreement (e.g. Climate meetings).
  6. Communicate political and governmental information to members and when requested, report political opinions of building members to the local, state, and national political committees of the Association.
  7. Oversee a building OEA-PAC drive.

Building Reps have opportunities for training each fall at our Rep Academy, and new Building Reps can attend our New Rep Training to learn more about the role. These trainings will be scheduled for the fall, and we will send information to elected Reps once the format and dates for training has been set.

Charitable Contributions

Each year, the Beaverton Education Association makes charitable contributions to nonprofits and organizations that share our mission. In the past, contributions have been made to organizations like the Oregon Workers Relief Fund, Family Promise of Beaverton, Classroom Law Project, the Beaverton Education Foundation, Jobs with Justice, Lines for Life, the Beaverton Black Parent Union, and Oregon Battle of the Books.  If you work with an organization or have a suggestion for our donations this year, please contact BEA Treasurer Kara Ferris by Monday, June 7, 2021.

BEA Officer and Executive Board Election Results

Congratulations to the newly elected officers and members of the BEA Executive Board! These new board members will begin terms in July 2021, and all terms are 2 years.

The BEA membership has elected to the Executive Board:

Gretchen Mollers, BEA secretary
Adam Oyster-Sands, BEA treasurer
Terry Cherney, at-large member
Julia Bartos, at-large member
Aarti Kamalahasan, at-large member
Sarah Kennedy, substitute member

Please join us in expressing gratitude for the leadership and commitment of our out-going board members: Erin Getting, Kara Ferris, Suzanne Albrich, Teryn LaRue, Jessica Neal, and Betsy Thornewood.  We are stronger due to the years of service you have dedicated to leading our union. Thank you!      

Staffing Assignments and Transfers for 2021-22  

As members learn of staffing assignments for next year, we often field lots of questions about our contractual language and processes that are available to support members.  Here are a few things to know about the transfer process:

  • Applying for vacancies (Article 12-A-1) – The district will post all vacancies between now and August 1, and employees can apply for openings.
  • Understanding the reason for your transfer (12-C-3 and 12-E-2) – Employees have the right to a written explanation, and a conference to hear about the reason for a transfer, or the reason why a request to transfer wasn’t granted.
  • Support for employees placed in positions in which they have little or no experience (Article 12-C-5) – Educators can work with their principal to create a professional development plan to be implemented throughout the first year.
  • Assistance (Article 12-C-5) – For transfers that are made after June 30, employees are given 1 paid day for relocation.  For transfers that are made after August 14, employees are given 2 paid days for relocation. The district will transport books, materials and other personal belongings related to the assignment.

Please contact your Building Rep if you have questions about your assignment, transfers or implementing any of the above contract language.

President’s Message – May 2021

We are entering the final month of this school year, learning about staffing assignments for next year, planning for each precious moment of instructional time with students, and preparing to say goodbye to students for the summer.  For so many educators, this year has been the hardest year of our career.  This year has required us to continually dig deeper into our reserves of energy, compassion, patience, advocacy, creativity, and resolve.  For over a year, you have gone above and beyond to make sure that your students are getting the best learning experience possible. It cannot be said enough: THANK YOU.

As we wrap up this year, and plan to re-engage our students in school next year and beyond, there will be an urge and desire to return to “normal.”  However, we need to do better and differently than normal, and we need to do so in a way that is centers community care, safety for students and staff, restorative practices, and trust amongst each other.

One way that our union is advocating for a better future for our students and our profession is at the bargaining table. The BEA and BSD Bargaining Teams have begun negotiations and we are determined to secure wins that will increase supports for students, uplift the professionalism of educators, and make our schools more equitable, safe and inclusive.  We will be updating members frequently throughout the process. The Contract Action Team will be observers during bargaining sessions and will serve as a communication link between the Bargaining Team and the members, and we are encouraging each worksite to have at least one member on the Contract Action Team.  Be sure you know who that person is in your building and keep an eye out for communication about negotiations after our session this evening.

I wish you the best as we finish off this challenging year, and I hope that you are able to make the most out these last precious weeks with your students.

In unity,
Sara Schmitt