The Beaverton Teachers Political Action Committee (BPAC) is a committee made up of BEA members who guide the political activity of our local union. We conduct interviews and endorse candidates for public office, engage members in political action and communicate with members about local political advocacy.

Below are the endorsements from BPAC, PAT-PAC, and OEA PAC for the November election. All PAC endorsement decisions are made by groups of union educators who interview candidates and endorse those who will advocate for strong and fully funded public education as well as workers’ rights.


⇒  YES on Measure 34-321(BSD teachers’ levy)
⇒  Ken Helm (House District 27)
⇒  Lisa Reynolds (House District 34)
⇒  Farrah Chaichi (House District 35)
⇒  Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (Senate District 17)
⇒  Wlnsvey Campos (Senate District 18)

⇒  Jo Ann Hardesty (Portland City Council Position 3)
⇒  Jessica Vega Pederson (Multnomah County Chair)
⇒  Dacia Grayber (House District 28)
⇒  Maxine Dexter (House District 33)
⇒  Tawna Sanchez (House District 43)
⇒  Travis Nelson (House District 44)
⇒  Thuy Tran (House District 45)
⇒  Khanh Pham (House District 46)
⇒  Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (Senate District 17)
⇒  YES on Portland Measure 26-288 (changes the way Portland City Council is elected)


⇒ Tina Kotek (Governor)
⇒ Christina Stephenson (BOLI Commissioner)
⇒ Ron Wyden (US Senate)
⇒ Suzanne Bonamici (Congressional District 1)
⇒ Earl Blumenauer (Congressional District 3)
⇒ Val Hoyle (Congressional District 4)
⇒ Jamie McLeod-Skinner (Congressional District 5)
⇒ Andrea Salinas (Congressional District 6)
⇒ YES on Measure 111 (State must ensure affordable healthcare access, balanced against requirement to fund schools, other essential services)
⇒ YES on Measure 112 (remove language allowing slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for crime)
⇒ YES on Measure 113 (Legislators with ten unexcused absences from floor sessions disqualified from holding next term of office.)
⇒ YES on Measure 114 (gun violence prevention)
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