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Types of leaves, covering classes, bargaining agreement and more.

Salary schedules and PERS information.

Membership information.

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Fill out a membership application and send it in to the BEA office.

Dues are based on our first salary step according to our bylaws. See our membership page and dues chart in your First Class account in the "BEA Online" folder.

Representation and a collective voice. See the many benefits of membership on our membership page.

All certified employees reap the benefits of our collective bargaining agreement. See more about this on our membership benefits page. Contact the BEA President with any more questions about being "fair share." 

Contact your BEA building representative, your BEA Ex. Board member, or the BEA President.

Contact your BEA building representative or you can see them in your First Class Account in the "BEA Online" folder.

In your First Class email in the "BEA Online" folder.

Make sure the request is coming from the administration and not a peer. Then fill out the Sub Shortage Authorization form to be paid for the time. You can also say, "No, thank you," if it doesn't fit into your schedule.

Look in your Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 15 and contact the BEA President with any further questions.

Ask your building representative, BEA President, BEA Vice President, or Uniserv Consultant to attend the meeting with you. It is your right.