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The Beaverton Political Action Committee (B-PAC) is a long standing committee that communicates proposed legislative positions and recommends political candidates to the BEA membership. This committee is made up of BEA volunteers and any member may request appointment to this committee.

BEA has a long history of working on behalf of education professionals and students by providing a strong political voice. We are proud of our Washington County Delegation of Legislators who have been leaders in Salem to insure funding of Public Education.

BEA takes its leadership role seriously and plays a pivotal role in electing pro public education candidates. Each decision that B-PAC makes is based on our pro public education criteria.

  • Promote Safe Schools
  • Prepare Students for Future Jobs
  • Provide Adequate and Stable School Funding
  • Preserve Education Employees' Benefits


Andrew Dennis

Stoller Middle School


Mike Humphries

Wm. Walker Elementary


Lindsay Ray

Westview High School

Sara Schmitt

BEA President 

Rick Turner

Beaverton High School 


Janine Weir

BEA Board Member

John Wickham

Stoller Middle School




The chairperson shall be appointed by the BEA President. The Board Liaison shall be the President or his/her designee. The Committee shall consist of ten members plus chair. Members are appointed for a one year term. B_PAC will be governed by the BEA Bylaws, B_PAC Bylaws, and state laws governing PACs.

Section 1 Committee Charges

  1. Increase PAC contributions.
  2. Increase participation at PIE Convention.
  3. Actively participate in school board elections, including: candidate recruitment, interview and recommend process, and campaign activities.
  4. Maintain proactive involvement in elections affecting school funding.
  5. Develop an operating budget.
  6. Assist in development of proposed legislative positions.
  7. Communicate with members of legislature and congress.
  8. Recommend and support the election of personnel to public office.
  9. Communicate with membership regarding its activities.
  10. Meet regularly according to calendar developed in cooperation with Executive Board.
  11. Special meetings may be called by the chair.
  12. Appoint a secretary from the B-PAC Committee to keep a continuing record of activities.
  13. Report to Executive Board and Rep Assembly as necessary, and prepare an annual written report summarizing objectives, program, gains, and unattained goals.